Lay-out choices are practically unlimited!

Photos and stories on opposite pages

Many choices for how you tell the story, too!

Story told by one author (excerpts pieced together as indicated by ... )

Take your book to the next level with a soundtrack of your voice!

We will record your voice to CD.  I can interview you (ask a few questions and let you talk...often times, looking at a photo album while you reminisce) and later transcribe what you said into a coherent storyline for your book.  Sometimes I write you down word-for-word; other times I need to do a little "creative editing" to help the words flow with the pictures on the page.  Either way, it is a pain-free and enjoyable experience!


Photos and stories on the same page


Story told by multiple authors, written in conversation (scripted) format

So many stories to tell...

You don't want to forget that special sports season.  Or that family milestone (wedding, birth, baptism, etc).  Or just an everyday story like "Susie's Hissy Fit Over Noodles".  With or without the voice CD, the possibilities are endless!  Get the stories down before they are forgotten!