Members of your family want to know more about your life than you think. They will treasure every word you write. To them you are the connection between the remarkable past and the present. In fact, you are history, and history disappears if you don’t record it.”    

-- Frank P. Thomas How to Write Your Life

Whenever I read this quote (above), I think of Amy. Thank God she has been given the ability to write, but mostly, it is her spirit to appreciate family and all it means. She has put together both her ability to write and to appreciate family to always make sure our family history doesn’t disappear.

--Debra S., Ettrick, WI

Amy, thanks for bringing the book and card and everything.  I LOVE IT!  More importantly, Ashley loves it...I finally got to look through the book last night.  I had to find it.  Ashley had it.  I like the way it looks like a scrapbook.  Thanks for all of your hard work.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.  You are very helpful, and you kept me on track.  You have a fun, enjoyable job.  Thanks!  --Candy K., Potosi, WI


Amy, I love it.  It’s just wonderful!  --Carolyn R., Platteville, WI

Amy-  Your idea is definitely very, very, very cool. . . I guess I'm just weirdly excited about your product because I went to school for media.  --Kristen C., Kieler, WI


This is the nicest gift I've ever received. --Harry H., Potosi, WI