What is it worth to you?

    Our competitors charge anywhere from $35 to $150 an hour to interview, transcribe, and edit your story.  Similar memory books cost upwards of $45 just for a photo book with NO writing!  (And certainly no CD recording of your voice.)  While all of these companies provide excellent work and a valuable service, SAY IT AGAIN wants to make it affordable and give you no excuses.  Who else will tell your story?  The mission is to help people tell and preserve their stories. 

Your stories.  Your voice. 

Deluxe    (Audio-Photo Memory Book)

$80 includes one interview, one 8" X 8" hardcover book, and one CD of your story (your narrative set to music)

Basic   (No interview, no CD)

$50 includes one 8" X 8" book of your photos and writing  (SAY IT AGAIN will scan your photos)

$40 includes one book of your DIGITAL photos and writing (no scanning necessary, just supply a disc of your photos--or e-mail them!)

If you supply the writing (captions or short stories) and the photos, that saves me time and saves you money.  There will be no interview...just drop off your pictures and writing.  It's that easy!

Classic  (Photo Memory Book without the CD)

$60 includes one interview and one 8" X 8" hardcover book of your memories & photos

Additional books and CDs may be purchased for the following prices:

$30.00 for each additional book and CD

$25.00 for each additional book

Other options customized to fit your needs:

$1.00 per page beyond the first 20 pages

$25.00 added onto book prices for a 12" by 12" book

SAY IT AGAIN will spend time interviewing/talking with you* and collecting the photographs (drawings, documents, etc.) that you wish to be scanned into your book.  All items will be returned to you safely.  Please allow four to five weeks for editing, technical work, shipping, and handling.  

SAY IT AGAIN spends an average of twelve (12) hours creating each audio-photo book. 
(3 hours interviewing & collecting photos)

(1 hour scanning)

(2 hours transcribing notes & writing story)

(2 hours book lay-out)

(4 hours audio CD creation, if ordered)

*If you are not within an hour's drive of me or we have to meet for a second interview, reasonable mileage fees will apply.